Nasdaq Verafin: A Proven Solution to Domestic & Global Authorised Push Payment Fraud

Worldwide criminal networks target your customers without regard for borders or the rule of law. To take decisive action, your institution needs a global view of payment risk. Nasdaq Verafin is the solution — providing holistic protection against domestic and global payment fraud, including Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams, while significantly reducing false positives. Nasdaq […]


Proof of Concept: Check Fraud Consortium Analytics

Verafin can demonstrate the benefits of our Consortium Analytics approach to Check Fraud through an easy to execute Proof of Concept (PoC), proving reduced risk to your institution. Using Consortium Analytics, we can identify in-clearing check fraud by linking the in-clearing check to deposit fraud risk at the depositing institution, within the Verafin network. This […]


Fact Sheet – Aurora Core

Verafin is the industry leader in financial crime management solutions. Since 2003, Verafin has been providing robust solutions to credit unions to effectively and efficiently fight financial crime and maintain compliance. With nearly 20 years of deep, domain-specific experience focused on our mission to fight financial crime, Verafin is driven to help credit unions such […]


Simple Solutions for Real Results

Financial crime impacts all institutions, regardless of their size, location, or customer-base. Finding the right automated financial crime management solution will provide long-term benefits for your institution. This insightful Fact Sheet provides a concise overview of key challenges, opportunities, and considerations for the important process of identifying an appropriate financial crime management solution. Highlights include: […]


Wire Fraud Performance

With wire fraud scams such as Business Email Compromise (BEC) a growing threat, financial institutions are choosing Verafin to prevent loss efficiently and effectively. Discover the robust functionality of Verafin’s Wire Fraud solution, leveraging intelligently segmented analytics, real-time analysis, and payee confidence in the Cloud for outstanding performance. Alerts on 2% of outgoing wires Detects […]