Loan Fraud

Uncover suspicious loan charge-offs and detect potentially fraudulent loans early.

Find suspicious activity hiding in your loans

There are numerous legitimate reasons why a loan may be charged off. So, how do you find instances where criminals are taking advantage of your lending services? And how do you ensure you are completing SARs when necessary?

Verafin alerts you to potentially suspicious loan charge-offs and loans at risk of being charged off, helping improve communication between BSA/AML, fraud detection, and Collections professionals. Institutions are also alerted when entities with loans at your FI have a history of loan charge-offs across FIs in the Verafin Cloud, giving you an early opportunity to avoid potential loss by uncovering fraudsters hiding in your institution.



Verafin alerts you to customers performing activity that presents a future loan charge-off risk.


Verafin’s cross-institutional analytics alert you to entities with a history of charge-off activity at other institutions in the Verafin Cloud.


Verafin’s analytics help improve your charged-off loan reviews, helping you identify and report unusual activity missed at the time of charge-off.


Proactive loss avoidance

Identifying a loan customer with a history of confirmed charge-off activity across numerous other institutions gives you the ability to take quick action (such as repossessing or freezing assets) — helping you greatly reduce bust out risk and the associated potential loss.

Stronger examinations

Examiners are interested in knowing how you review loan charge-offs. Verafin’s analysis of loan charge-offs and alerts generated when potentially suspicious activity is found help you fill significant potential gaps in your detection and regulatory reporting processes.

Automated Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)

Verafin’s SAR functionality makes reporting loan fraud activity seamless. Generate an auto-populated SAR directly from a case. Complete your Narrative with the help of the investigative notes and findings you have saved in the case and e-file directly from Verafin to FinCEN.

Improved communications across departments

Verafin’s loan fraud alerts and the centralized nature of our Financial Crime Management platform help improve communication efforts between the departments that need to be aware of potentially suspicious charged-off loans.

More Verafin Features

Automated SAR functionality. At the click of a button you can create a pre-populated SAR. Complete your narrative and queue it for overnight electronic submission directly from Verafin to FinCEN. Verafin can also remind you when it is time for 90-day refiling, if the suspicious activity continues. Learn more >
Information Sharing. Verafin gives you the tools to reach out to other financial institutions to request the information you need to enhance your investigations. Learn more >
Risky Entity Analysis. By leveraging the power of the Verafin Cloud and innovative cross-institutional analysis, Verafin alerts you to the presence of entities within your institution that have a history of performing suspicious activity at other institutions across the country. Learn more >
Cross-Channel Fraud Detection. Fraudsters will target every available channel to enrich themselves at your customers’ (and your institution’s) expense. Verafin’s cross-channel analysis generates data-rich alerts that help you proactively detect scams and stop fraud losses from Deposit Fraud, Check Fraud, Card Fraud, Loan Fraud, Wire Fraud, ACH Fraud, and Online Account Takeover. Learn more >

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