High-Risk Customer Segmentation

High-Risk Customer Segmentation

Go beyond spreadsheets and keywords to intelligently identify and segment higher-risk customers.

Are you banking high-risk customers you don’t know about?

Failure to identify high-risk customers and properly segment them into high-risk categories can lead to risk gaps in your BSA/AML program.

Most institutions rely on manual reports, antiquated rules, or front-line account opening questionnaires (AOQs) to identify and segment high-risk accounts, including Private ATM Owners, Money Services Businesses (MSBs), Marijuana-Related Businesses (MRBs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and more. But, risk is not static, and customer activity changes over time. How do you ensure that you have an accurate picture of your institution’s risk profile at all times?

With an integrated AOQ and segmentation agents that continuously monitor your existing customer base, Nasdaq Verafin’s High-Risk Customer Management solution automatically identifies high-risk customers and intelligently segments them into high-risk categories. By increasing the efficiency of your compliance processes and providing a deeper understanding of your risk profile, Nasdaq Verafin closes risk gaps in your high-risk customer management and customer due diligence (CDD) programs.



Ensure front-line staff can quickly collect information on new personal and business accounts to identify high-risk customers and segment them into high-risk categories. The information collected integrates into Nasdaq Verafin for enhanced risk stratification and ongoing surveillance.


Nasdaq Verafin allows you to customize inline notifications for your AOQ. If new high-risk customers are in the onboarding process, automatic messages can prompt front-line staff to collect enhanced due diligence (EDD) documents, or to take additional measures, based on your institution’s compliance BSA/AML policies.


You can begin due diligence right away with Nasdaq Verafin’s alerts on newly onboarded customers from high-risk categories such as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Non-Resident Aliens (NRAs), MSBs, MRBs, Private ATM owners and more.


Front-line staff are prompted to request EDD documentation during the account opening process. Alerts are generated on high-risk accounts if a required document is missing, ensuring there are no gaps in your EDD process.


Integration of a wide range of open-source and third-party data sources into analysis for enhanced CDD/EDD helps Nasdaq Verafin identify and segment previously unknown high-risk customers. Online registries for MSBs and state-regulated MRBs, along with databases of tax-exemptions for NGOs and Charities, are examples of data sources that are incorporated into Nasdaq Verafin’s high-risk customer segmentation agents.


High-risk customer segmentation agents analyze customer activity and demographics, along with third-party, open-source and cloud data to generate alerts for previously unknown high-risk customers. Nasdaq Verafin helps you accurately identify those that may be hidden within your customer base, including customers acquired through acquisition, those that did not self-identify at account opening, or those whose activity has changed over time, and segment these customers into their appropriate higher-risk categories.


You can easily create EDD workflows for your identified high-risk customers with Nasdaq Verafin’s fully integrated case management and EDD functionality. With customizable review dates based on stratified risk levels and categories that align with your institution’s risk policies, and the ability to receive email reminders, assign tasks to other users, and attach relevant findings and documentation — Nasdaq Verafin centralizes and streamlines your EDD processes.


Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Nasdaq Verafin can rapidly, accurately and automatically acknowledge high-risk customer alerts exceeding a configurable threshold and assign customers to their appropriate higher-risk categories. The end result is more efficient workflows, saving you time and resources.


Reduce compliance workload & cost

Manual identification and categorization of high-risk customers with core reports and keyword searches is an inefficient and ineffective process that costs valuable time and can leave gaps in your compliance program.

Nasdaq Verafin increases efficiency in your end-to-end processes by automatically identifying and alerting you to high-risk accounts, segmenting customers into appropriate categories, and stratifying those customers relative to others in their high-risk category. By continually monitoring activity and automating review cycles, Nasdaq Verafin reduces time spent on EDD reviews, allowing you to focus on only the high-risk customers that pose the greatest risk to your institution.

Grow your business

Mergers and acquisitions, or expansion of products and services, can increase your compliance workload and the exposure to risk.

With Nasdaq Verafin’s High-Risk Customer Management solutions, you gain greater confidence when your institution’s offerings or overall customer profile changes. Your compliance team will be able to accurately identify and assess customer risk based on your institution’s risk appetite, increasing potential revenue streams while providing greater visibility to senior management and examiners as your institution grows.

Improve your institutional risk profile

Inaccurate identification and assessment of customer risk can weaken your compliance program.

Gain a more accurate assessment and understanding of your customer-risk profile with automated segmentation of high-risk customers. With a customizable AOQ and high-risk customer segmentation analytical agents, Nasdaq Verafin finds and segments risk within your customer base, allowing you to properly assess and manage customers in higher-risk categories.

More Nasdaq Verafin Features

Risk Stratification. Nasdaq Verafin’s high-risk management approach allows you to define what risk means to you, and stratifies risk within high-risk categories, such as MSBs, Private ATM Owners, and MRBs. This ensures you are reviewing the right customers at the right time, saving time and effort, and providing greater visibility to examiners. Learn more >
EDD Reviews. Nasdaq Verafin’s automated EDD solution is a centralized workflow for reviews that integrates in a continuous loop with customer risk and targeted surveillance. The output of the EDD review process dynamically impacts customer risk to ensure an accurate risk score and efficient due diligence process. Learn more >
High-Risk Customer Surveillance. Nasdaq Verafin’s behavior-based approach and targeted analytics provide powerful ongoing surveillance of accounts within specific high-risk categories to improve the quality — and reduce the volume — of high-risk customer alerts. Analytics draw from the Nasdaq Verafin Cloud to intelligently evolve based on peer data, automatically updating the risk level of any customer demonstrating unusual or risky activity. Learn more >
Anti-Money Laundering. Nasdaq Verafin alerts you to a wide range of potentially suspicious customer activity occurring across multiple transaction channels. From unusual flow of funds to human trafficking and terrorist financing activity, Nasdaq Verafin’s risk-rated AML alerts ensure criminals are not preying on your institution. Learn more >

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