Enterprise Reporting

Advanced report creation and information analysis to better understand and improve your BSA compliance and fraud detection efforts.

Easily explore your data to better understand your risk and financial crime detection efforts

The ability to deep dive into the wealth of data surrounding your BSA compliance and fraud detection efforts provides access to information vital to your team’s ongoing improvement.

With Verafin’s enterprise reporting functionality you can easily explore vast amounts of data to generate highly configurable reports, providing significant insight into a wide range of activity and actionable information. From reports showing team member alert workload to weekly fraud detection totals including alert types and savings, you can obtain the information needed to confidently report to upper management and ensure you are optimizing the workload and skills of each member of your team.



Choose the information you want in the way you want to see it. Verafin gives you the power to create and save reports based on the fields of information you need to explore.


Verafin includes a wealth of ready-made reports commonly requested by FIs. Importantly, you can add or remove information fields from these reports and save them for future use.


Restrict the ability of other users to view a report. If you are creating a report containing sensitive information, such as a report containing information about past Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), you can choose to make it private – meaning only you can view it.


Once you create your report in Verafin you can export the information in either PDF or Excel format.


Efficiently create powerful management reports

Gathering the necessary information to report to management can be time consuming. Verafin’s reporting functionality lets you create reports that contain the information you need and save them for future use.

Better manage your team’s workload

Create reports that help you better manage and assign team members’ workloads. Gain insight into a wide range of factors including number of alerts assigned within a specified time frame, time spent on investigations, and more.

Understand the bigger picture

The ability to dig deeply into your data to view it from multiple different angles can help you see the bigger picture of criminal activity at your institution, making it easier to make the adjustments necessary to minimize your risk.

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