Fraud Detection and Management

Verafin’s innovative, cross-channel fraud detection solutions leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to uncover fraudulent activity quickly and effectively.

Fraud detection solutions with a cross-channel approach

With Verafin’s advanced Fraud Detection and Management solutions, you see the whole story of a customer’s activity across all channels — ensuring you have the information you need to prevent losses and strengthen your fraud prevention program.

From abnormal check deposits and unusual online account activity, to high-value wires sent to international locations, Verafin’s enterprise Fraud Detection and Management solutions includes customer-driven and machine learning models to uncover a range of fraud schemes and scams within a single consolidated system. With rich data integrations and big data analytics in the Cloud, Verafin helps you see the full range of a customer’s activity, providing the insight you need to greatly enhance your fraud investigations.



Verafin analyzes customer activity across multiple deposit channels, including in-branch, mobile and ATM deposits, to uncover fraudulent deposits and known deposit scams targeting your customers. With the help of Verafin’s check imaging functionality, you have the tools to assess potentially fraudulent check activity.


Criminals are still using stolen and counterfeit checks and kiting schemes to cause financial institutions extensive losses. Verafin analyzes your customers’ in-clearing check activity to alert you to potential kiting activity or indicators of counterfeit and stolen checks.


Wire losses can be significant and difficult to recover. Verafin’s fraud prevention big data analytics reduce false positives, allowing you to focus on truly risky activity, and real-time wire analysis can detect unusual transfers before losses occur. Rich wire information is displayed in a visual format to expedite decision making and improve investigations into unusual wire activity, such as business email compromise.


The volume and value of ACH transactions continues to grow — and criminals are taking notice. Verafin monitors both consumer and corporate transfers, uncovering fraudulent ACH debits and payments to help you prevent loss quickly. Using big data intelligence for fraud prevention in the Verafin Cloud enables us to reduce false positives by determining if the transfer activity is typical for both sending and receiving parties.


Detect potentially suspicious online account behavior. Verafin alerts you to a wide range of suspicious online account activity, including abnormal access times and usage patterns, login failures, login from unusual IP addresses, and more. Our visual storytelling approach provides tools, such as online activity risk maps and geographic maps to help expedite your investigation into potential account takeover.


Debit cards are as popular with criminals as they are with consumers. From elder abuse to card flipping and excessive usage, Verafin alerts you to unusual card activity. With advanced Common Point of Purchase (CPP) detection, Verafin determines where a potential data breach or potential skimming incident has occurred and helps you identify cards that may have been used at that location.


For criminals, loan fraud is quick and lucrative. As institutions feel pressure to grow their lending portfolio and disburse loans faster, fraudsters are slipping through the cracks unnoticed. Verafin’s targeted loan fraud analytics leverage big data intelligence to alert you to suspicious charge-offs, both at your institution and across the Verafin Cloud, to strengthen compliance and mitigate the risk of loss.


Verafin can help you protect vulnerable and senior customers from the damaging effects of financial exploitation. With targeted analysis, Verafin alerts you to red flags that may indicate excessive spending on elderly accounts, such as a decrease in the individual’s balance, relationship additions to the account, new transaction methods, spending changes, and more.


A centralized platform that combines adaptive fraud alerts, robust case management, management dashboards, and user-friendly reporting functionality, Verafin provides a complete picture of fraud across all channels for more effective prevention and planning.


Get a 360º view of fraud with better data

In addition to core system data, Verafin integrates with a multitude of ancillary data systems to collect richer customer data, allowing us to generate robust fraud alerts providing you with the information you need to make fully informed investigative decisions.

Keep ahead of fraud trends with big data intelligence

By leveraging the power of the Verafin cloud in big data intelligence for fraud detection solutions, Verafin detects new fraud patterns and trends in their infancy — rapidly delivering targeted analytics, including fraud detection machine learning models, and valuable alerts before fraudsters can perpetrate crime at your institution.

Reduce false positives and review higher-quality alerts with machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence makes existing models smarter, improving your overall fraud prevention efforts. Verafin utilizes fraud detection machine learning algorithms in our fraud detection solutions to further enhance our high-performing analytical models. This reduces the volume of alerts to improve efficiency of your overall fraud program.

Protect your customers from scams

Verafin’s fraud detection solutions include cross-channel transaction monitoring identifies potential risks from fraudsters targeting your customers with specific schemes, including Business Email Compromise, online loan fraud, work-from-home schemes, and romance scams.



Big Data Intelligence


Visual Storytelling


Collaborative Investigations

More Verafin Features

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