Fraud Detection and Management

Fraud Detection and Management

Leveraging the power of thousands of customers in Nasdaq Verafin’s network, our unique consortium data set enables an innovative and collaborative approach to uncover fraudulent activity quickly and effectively, across the entirety of a transaction.

Fraud detection solutions with a cross-channel approach

Nasdaq Verafin’s advanced Fraud Detection and Management solutions enable you to see the whole story of a customer’s activity, across all channels — ensuring you have the information you need to prevent losses and strengthen your fraud prevention program. 

Nasdaq Verafin’s consortium approach allows you to profile both the payment originator and the beneficiary, providing clear insights. We extract information from thousands of financial institutions to profile hundreds of millions of counterparties with rich demographic and transactional data, without sharing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Consortium analytics are deployed to analyze the anonymized data across our consortium network to identify patterns of suspicious activity and assess risk across accounts, counterparties, and transactions. 



Nasdaq Verafin examines the complete profile, account, and transactional history of each customer to alert you to deposit activity that is unusual for that person or business. Our check image viewer is just one of the visual storytelling features that helps detect and prevent unusual activity. 


Nasdaq Verafin provides financial institutions with powerful check fraud prevention by combining behavioral evidence with consortium insights, offering information into both the payer as well as payees who do not bank at your institution. Customer-driven and machine learning analytical agents greatly enhance your check fraud investigations with targeted analytics and visual smart evidence, helping you quickly identify fraudulent checks to mitigate losses. 


Nasdaq Verafin’s big data analytics reduce false positives, allowing you to focus on truly risky activity, with real-time wire analysis to detect unusual transfers before losses occur. Rich wire information is displayed in a visual format to expedite decision making and improve investigations into unusual wire activity, such as business email compromise and elder financial exploitation. 


The volume and value of ACH transactions continues to grow — and criminals are taking notice. Nasdaq Verafin monitors both consumer and corporate transfers, uncovering fraudulent ACH debits and payments to help you prevent loss quickly. We use big data intelligence for fraud prevention in the Nasdaq Verafin Cloud to reduce false positives by determining if the transfer activity is typical for both sending and receiving parties. 


Nasdaq Verafin’s Real-Time Payments Fraud Detection combines behavioral analytics with consortium insights, providing robust fraud prevention solutions. Leveraging payment interactions, we build external account profiles based on payment interactions between institutions within our consortium and the entities outside it.


Nasdaq Verafin alerts you to a wide range of suspicious online account activity, including abnormal access times and usage patterns, login failures, logins from unusual IP addresses, and more. Our visual storytelling approach provides tools, such as online activity risk maps and geographic maps to help expedite your investigation. Our robust alerts provide rich cyber data including ISP, device, and IP information.


Nasdaq Verafin’s advanced card fraud detection applies real-world fraud scenarios to each customer’s card activity to alert you to abnormal behavior. 


Nasdaq Verafin’s loan fraud analysis uses multiple rich data sources to alert you to potential risks of fraudulent loans and suspicious charge-offs. 


A centralized platform combines adaptive fraud alerts, robust case management, management dashboards, and user-friendly reporting functionality, to provide a complete picture of fraud across all channels for more effective prevention and planning. 


The Nasdaq Verafin Network

Nasdaq Verafin’s unique approach is based on a consortium data set derived from thousands of financial institutions and hundreds of millions of counterparties, to enable comprehensive insight into risk — providing individual institutions with the collective power of the our network, without sharing PII.

Managed Analytics

Leveraging the power of the Nasdaq Verafin network, managed analytics enable a proactive, data-driven, effective response to evolving trends, replacing a conventional, reactive, and inefficient approach that has each financial institution incorporate red flags into models or build rules, duplicating efforts across the industry.

Reduce False Positives

High volumes of false positive rates force investigators to waste valuable time and resources working through large alert queues, performing needless investigations, and reconciling disparate data sources to piece together evidence. As part of the Nasdaq Verafin consortium network, a single institution is alerted when a payment should be interdicted or elevated for enhanced due diligence, and false positives can easily be explained away.

Flexible Real-Time Delivery Options

Adopt Nasdaq Verafin’s Wire, ACH, Check, and Faster Payments solutions individually, as part of a robust Financial Crime Management platform, or improve existing fraud solutions by incorporating risk scores through API.

More Nasdaq Verafin Features

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Integrated Case Management. Nasdaq Verafin’s case management functionality helps you organize all elements of your investigation into a single, centralized location, and fully integrates with workflows to give you the ability to quickly move an investigative case forward. Learn More >
Automated Regulatory Reporting. Nasdaq Verafin brings increased efficiency and confidence to your regulatory reporting processes by automating the tedious but necessary tasks associated with initiating, completing and filing Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs) and Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs). Learn More about CTRs > or  Learn More about SARs >

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