Cross-Institutional Analysis

Cross-Institutional Analysis

Discover how the power of the Nasdaq Verafin Cloud can help combat criminal activity that spans across multiple financial institutions.

The crime-fighting power of the Cloud

Cross-institutional analysis provides a more complete picture of customer activity — beyond your four walls. It can detect unseen risks — including criminals who repeat their illicit activity across multiple institutions — and alert you to take quick action.

By analyzing millions of transactions in the Nasdaq Verafin Cloud, our analytics also can identify legitimate customer behavior, reducing false positives and allowing you to focus your time and resources on what’s truly suspicious.



Get alerted to customers that are performing potentially suspicious activity at other institutions in the Verafin Cloud, and use Verafin’s Information Sharing functionality to collaborate with those institutions.


Verafin alerts you when a customer has potentially suspicious AML alerts at other institutions, allowing you to see unusual activity that might be hiding below your threshold. Our secure 314(b) information sharing platform allows you to communicate with other institutions to strengthen your investigations.


With a vast amount of labelled, anonymized data in the Cloud, Verafin alerts you when a deposited check is drawn on a closed account.


When a customer initiates a wire or ACH file transfer, Verafin analyzes the recipient account amongst institutions in the Verafin Cloud to help you establish confidence in the legitimacy of the transfer.


Collaborative investigations

Verafin includes Information Sharing functionality that gives institutions the ability to request and share valuable information when investigating potentially suspicious activity across multiple institutions.

Uncover complex crime rings

Powerful cross-institutional analytics and Information Sharing technology allow financial institutions to see previously unseen risks, including criminals who repeat their unlawful activity across multiple institutions.

Better understand your customer risk

An isolated view of your customers’ activity means you cannot see the risk a customer may pose if they are performing suspicious activity at other institutions.

Ongoing innovation

Criminals are fast moving. As a cloud-based solution, Verafin releases software enhancements on a weekly basis, meaning you are always protected by the latest analytical advancements.

More Verafin Features

Information Sharing. Verafin gives you the tools to reach out to other financial institutions to request the information you need to enhance your investigations. Learn more >
Ongoing innovation. Criminals are fast moving. As a cloud-based solution, Verafin releases software enhancements on a weekly basis, meaning you are always protected by the latest analytical advancements. Learn more >
Enrich your SARs with collaborative investigations. With Verafin Financial Crime Management, you’ll get a more complete picture of activity, with the added value of sharing information with other financial institutions to enhance your suspicious activity reporting and provide better information to law enforcement.  Verafin can pre-populate your SAR — and when ready — file it directly to FinCEN. Learn more >
Fight financial crime. Verafin’s innovative approach combines cross-channel fraud detection and targeted AML scenarios, with advanced cross-institutional analysis and information sharing in a single crime-fighting platform.  Learn more >

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