High-Risk Customer Management

High-Risk Customer Management

Improve due diligence processes, manage customer risk, and strengthen BSA/AML compliance with Nasdaq Verafin’s High-Risk Customer Management.

Not all high-risk customers are created equal

Institutions are under increased regulatory pressure surrounding Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), particularly regarding the identification, segmentation, stratification, and surveillance of high-risk customer types. These challenges are exacerbated by conventional CDD/EDD approaches that result in process inefficiencies, wasted time and increased cost.

Nasdaq Verafin’s High-Risk Customer Management solution reduces the compliance burden and improves efficiency of ongoing due diligence by managing high-risk customers in a targeted way. Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, our intelligent risk approach automatically identifies, segments, stratifies and actively monitors customers in higher-risk categories.



Quickly and accurately collect information on higher-risk accounts with Nasdaq Verafin’s customizable Account Opening Questionnaire (AOQ). If customers in higher-risk categories do not self-identify at account opening, segmentation agents leveraging big data and Robotic Process Automation can alert you to high-risk customers hidden in your customer base. Nasdaq Verafin then automatically segments them into their appropriate higher-risk categories.


With a stratified approach, Nasdaq Verafin addresses how risk differs within each high-risk category of customers. By automatically risk scoring each high-risk customer relative to other customers in that category, we provide a more accurate customer risk profile that aligns with your institution’s risk appetite and reduces time spent on due diligence processes. With configurable risk agents, you have greater control and flexibility to add, remove or update agents based on your institution’s specific compliance policies and procedures.


With a behavior-based approach and targeted analytics, Nasdaq Verafin continuously monitors customers in higher-risk categories between EDD reviews, and alerts investigators when additional scrutiny or adjustments to customer risk profiles may be needed. Surveillance seamlessly integrates into the automated EDD workflow in Nasdaq Verafin to reduce your risk review workload.


Nasdaq Verafin’s fully integrated case management and EDD functionality help you easily create review workflows for your high-risk customers for more efficient due diligence processes. You can establish review dates based on your institution’s policies, receive email reminders, assign tasks to other users, and with our visual storytelling approach, you can create and attach reports and documentation — all within Nasdaq Verafin.


Define what risk means to you

Managing risk is often a one-size-fits-all approach, but not all high-risk customers are created equal. A local charity, for example, likely does not present the same level of risk to your institution as an international Non-Governmental Organization.

Nasdaq Verafin provides configurable risk agents that help you manage risk according to your institution’s risk appetite. Risk is stratified across your entire customer base, and further stratified within each high-risk category. This ensures you review the right customers at the right time and provides greater visibility of your institution’s risk profile to your examiner.

Reduce compliance workload & cost

Inefficient EDD processes result from a one-size-fits-all approach to risk that creates too many high-risk customers.

Nasdaq Verafin increases efficiency in your end-to-end processes by automatically alerting you to high-risk accounts, and by segmenting and stratifying those customers relative to the risk they pose to your institution. By continually monitoring activity and automating review cycles, Nasdaq Verafin reduces time spent on EDD reviews, allowing you to focus on the activity that poses the greatest risk to your institution.

See the full picture with enhanced data integration

Investigators with limited time, resources and information can find it challenging to accurately assess customer risk.

Nasdaq Verafin integrates a wide range of open-source and third-party data into the Nasdaq Verafin Cloud, employing big data intelligence and analysis for improved CDD/EDD, and analytical agents powered by artificial intelligence to identify unknown high-risk customers and segment them into high-risk customer categories. These automated alerts reduce the time spent monitoring reports and spreadsheets, improving decision-making efforts and providing a better understanding of your customers and the risk they represent to your institution.

Improve your institutional risk profile

Inaccurate identification and assessment of customer risk can weaken your compliance program.

Gain a more accurate assessment and understanding of your customer risk profile with Nasdaq Verafin’s intelligent risk segmentation, reducing the compliance burden by managing high-risk customers in a targeted way. Analytical agents use Robotic Process Automation to help you find previously unknown high-risk customers within your customer base and segment them into their higher-risk categories, allowing you to properly assess and manage them over time.

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