Card Fraud Detection

Apply advanced analysis to your customers’ debit card activity to detect anomalies.

Criminals are falling in love with plastic payments

As more consumers use debit cards as a preferred payment method, both personal and card data are reaching unprecedented heights of vulnerability. The ongoing EMV rollout only adds pressure on institutions to develop better measures to protect against card fraud.

Verafin’s innovative debit card fraud detection alerts you to abnormal activity involving your customers’ cards.



Verafin analyzes your customer base to find debit card purchases made at a location, within a specific date range, that has experienced card transactions you have deemed as fraudulent.


Verafin supports real-time debit fraud analysis, allowing you to review activity as soon as possible and take the necessary actions.


Discover when a customer’s card is experiencing potentially suspicious usage. Verafin analyzes ATM and online activity, as well as local, out-of-state, and international purchases to alert you to card usage that is unusual for your customer.


Stop elder abuse

Debit card fraud is a common way in which people take advantage of your elderly customers. Verafin considers the age of your customer, in addition to numerous other factors, to alert you when suspicious card activity is potentially elder abuse.

Uncover compromised cards in seconds

Verafin’s advanced analytics uncover patterns of activity to detect common point of transaction (CPT) for debit card fraud. CPT detection can determine where a potential data breach or potential skimming incident has occurred and lets you find the cards that may have been used.

Stay ahead of organized card attacks

With Verafin’s analysis of ATM and POS activity and the ability to enable real-time analysis, you have an added layer of security against attacks orchestrated by criminal organizations.

More Verafin Features

Common Point of Transaction Detection. Verafin’s advanced debit card fraud analytics detect common point of transaction to determine where a potential data breach or skimming incident has occurred, and lets you find the cards that may have been used. Learn more >
Automated SAR functionality. At the click of a button you can create a pre-populated SAR. Complete your narrative and queue it for overnight electronic submission directly from Verafin to FinCEN. Verafin can also remind you when it is time for 90-day refiling, if the suspicious activity continues. Learn more >
Integrated case management. Integrated case management functionality lets you create a fully audited and tracked investigation. Upload related files, assign tasks to other users, and document your decisions — all in one location. Learn more >
Enterprise reporting. With hundreds of ad-hoc data reports, and the ability to create custom reports that include the information fields you need, Verafin helps improve auditing, reporting and record-keeping of all aspects of your fraud and AML detection efforts. Learn more >
Cross-Channel Fraud Detection. Fraudsters, from the simplistic to the complex, will target every available channel to enrich themselves at your customers’ (and your institution’s) expense. Verafin’s cross-channel analysis generates data-rich alerts that help you proactively stop fraud loss. Learn more >

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