Fraud Management

Improve fraud prevention management to enhance your ability to protect your institution from loss.

Better manage your fraud detection efforts

Fraud continues to plague financial institutions (FIs). It is a constantly evolving threat, with criminals always probing to find an opening in an institution’s defense.

Verafin’s enterprise fraud management solution gives an institution a centralized platform that combines adaptive fraud alerts, robust case management, management dashboards, and user-friendly reporting functionality. This helps your institution proactively prevent fraud loss and creates a valuable connection between the FI’s fraud management and BSA/AML compliance efforts.



Visual, user-friendly fraud performance dashboards give users quick and easy access to alert performance information, helping institutions fine-tune alert thresholds to aggressively ensure the alert queues are prioritized with the riskiest customer activity.


Verafin’s adaptive fraud analytics generate intelligent alerts that go beyond a simple, static snapshot in time. Alert risk scores adjust as relevant new activity occurs, resulting in improved investigative efficiency and effectiveness — with users focusing on true high-risk activity.


Verafin provides fraud prevention professionals with the ability to configure and generate reports from a wide-range of data, helping them accurately assess and improve the performance of investigative efforts across the institution.


Fraud and BSA/AML compliance are often seen as separate challenges. Verafin’s enterprise fraud management solution provides you with a centralized platform that enables communication between fraud prevention and BSA/AML compliance professionals. Fully integrated SAR creation functionality allows users to generate a pre-populated SAR straight from a case, for fully trackable overnight e-filing directly with FinCEN.


Verafin’s case management functionality allows for full, end-to-end, documentation of a team’s fraud investigation. The centralized nature of a case lets multiple users across the institution document all aspects of an investigation to build a complete picture of a customer’s activity. Assign time-sensitive investigative tasks across departments; attach relevant files; include full transaction information; add user notes; record losses, recoveries, and dispute totals; and more.


Increased alert accuracy

By adjusting to new information, adaptive alerts ensure you are investigating only truly risky activity and not wasting time chasing false alerts.

Improved management reporting

Verafin’s configurable reporting functionality lets you build reports based on the data you need. These reports can provide valuable insight into your team’s fraud prevention efforts and help you demonstrate areas of success and need to upper management.

More efficient investigator workloads

With constantly evolving criminal behavior, efficiency is key. Improved knowledge of potentially fraudulent activity helps you better assign your investigators to areas where they are needed most – ensuring time is not wasted on unnecessary alert reviews and investigations.

Increased fraud loss prevention

By better understanding the nature of your alerts, you can fine tune your investigative efforts to aggressively focus on areas of increasing concern and shut down any potential points of entry utilized by criminals.

More Verafin Features

Automated SAR functionality. At the click of a button you can create a pre-populated SAR. Complete your narrative and queue it for overnight electronic submission directly from Verafin to FinCEN. Verafin can also remind you when it is time for 90-day refiling, if the suspicious activity continues. Learn more >
Watch list scanning. Verafin automatically scans your customers nightly against installed watch lists, including OFAC, 314(a), and internally-created lists. You, or your front line staff, can also manually search watch lists for entities at any time. Learn more >
CDD/EDD. From a customizable due diligence questionnaire to ongoing monitoring, Verafin helps you know your customer throughout the customer relationship life cycle, enhancing your risk assessment process and alerting you to unusual behavior. Learn more >
Cross-Channel Fraud Detection. Fraudsters will target every available channel to enrich themselves at your customers’ (and your institution’s) expense. Verafin’s cross-channel analysis generates data-rich alerts that help you proactively detect scams and stop fraud losses from Deposit Fraud, Check Fraud, Card Fraud, Loan Fraud, Wire Fraud, ACH Fraud, and Online Account Takeover. Learn more >

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