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The Cyber Crime Wave: What Bankers Need to Know

November 2016 In his most recent white paper The Cyber Crime Wave: What Bankers Need To Know, Chris Swecker, former Assistant Director of the FBI... 

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FRAMLx: Strength in Numbers

Can your transaction monitoring software keep pace with the today’s criminals? From the simplistic to complex, modern criminals are organized and willing to use every... 

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Global Criminal Enterprises Pursue the Most Profitable Crime Model in Modern History: Distributing Losses Across the Financial Services Industry

In this thought provoking whitepaper, Chris Swecker, Former Assistant Director FBI, claims that “An honest assessment of the current vulnerabilities of the financial services industry... 

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Section 314(b): The Best Hope For Collaboration Between Financial Institutions To Combat The Movement Of Illicit Proceeds

In this white paper, Chris Swecker, Former Assistant Director of the FBI, states that “It is no secret that criminals and terrorists have all the... 

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Financial Institutions Face High Expectations to Detect and Report Invisible Victims of Human Trafficking and Smuggling

In this white paper, Chris Swecker discusses two particularly detestable criminal industries, Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling, that produce significant illicit proceeds that inevitably move... 

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The Rise of Eurasian Financial Criminal Enterprises: The New Mafia

Chris Swecker (retired Executive Assistant Director, FBI and former Global Security Director, Bank of America) has published an eye-opening white paper on “The New Mafia”,... 

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Consolidating Fraud Detection & Anti-Money Laundering:

Our latest white paper looks at the problem of siloed fraud detection and anti-money laundering efforts and the damaging effect it can have on a... 

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Fraud And Money Laundering: Birds of a Feather

Siloed thinking can harm your ability to prevent crime. By exploring the combination of fraud and AML, you can improve your detection abilities and ultimately...