BSA/AML Compliance and Management

BSA/AML Compliance and Management

Strengthen regulatory compliance and enhance your ability to detect, investigate and report potentially suspicious activity with Nasdaq Verafin’s targeted analytics and end-to-end BSA/AML solutions.

Enterprise BSA/AML Compliance Solutions

Nasdaq Verafin enhances anti-money laundering efforts and ensures regulatory compliance for financial institutions with end-to-end BSA/AML solutions, including ongoing development and delivery of targeted analytics for financial crime detection.

Nasdaq Verafin’s BSA/AML Compliance and Management solutions monitor transactions across multiple channels and automatically analyze a customer’s profile and historical behavior. With big data intelligence across the Cloud, Nasdaq Verafin integrates and analyzes cross-institutional data, third-party data, and open-data sources to reduce false positives and generate high-quality alerts. By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, Nasdaq Verafin proactively alerts you to a wide range of potentially suspicious activity and financial crime, including structuring, money laundering, human trafficking, and terrorist financing.



Nasdaq Verafin analyzes a wide variety of factors to help you uncover financial crime and prevent money laundering, including transaction monitoring across multiple transaction channels, customer profiles and historical behavior, and scenarios that indicate possible terrorist financing or human trafficking activity.


Targeted analytics in the Nasdaq Verafin Cloud accurately identify structuring activities to alert you to customers that may be avoiding CTR reporting requirements. Identify one-time structured events for low-volume accounts or determine if high-volume entities are under filing through the use of peer analysis. Our machine learning models reduce false positives and effectively determine cash structuring by analyzing deposit activity over time.


Nasdaq Verafin leverages big data intelligence to uncover indicators that a customer is involved in human trafficking activity, either as a victim, perpetrator, or front for a larger criminal organization. Targeted, risk-rated alerts include visual storytelling tools such as geographic maps and interactive timelines to expedite decision-making, enhancing your investigations into potential human trafficking activity.


Nasdaq Verafin alerts you to potential funnel accounts and provides visual storytelling tools, such as geographic maps and balance graphs, to help strengthen your investigations. With targeted analytics and investigation tools, you can shut down money mules and block the flow of illicit funds to human trafficking and drug smuggling organizations.


Nasdaq Verafin’s advanced anti-money laundering analytics alert you to unusual activity that may indicate terrorist financing, while our visual storytelling and collaborative investigation tools strengthen your investigation and reporting to law enforcement.


Nasdaq Verafin’s unique cloud-based, cross-institutional analysis gives you complete insight into customer activity that spans multiple financial institutions, to expedite decision-making, strengthen investigations, and improve the information provided to law enforcement.


Nasdaq Verafin’s Information Sharing technology helps you connect with a larger network of peers for collaborative investigations, providing a more complete picture of customer activity and strengthening your financial crime investigations.


Better decision-making with better data

Nasdaq Verafin’s big data intelligence approach greatly enhances ongoing activity analysis and generates more robust alerts representing the true BSA/AML risk to your institution. Big data intelligence incorporates key evidence elements within an alert, providing deep insights into customer activity, and improving reports for law enforcement.

Stronger team management and reporting

Performance dashboards include visual charts and graphs to help you easily assess your alerts, cases, and filed SARs. You can quickly understand and report upon the types of customer activity generating alerts, the alert types generating the highest risk scores, or the alert types resulting in investigative cases or SARs. Nasdaq Verafin’s BSA/AML solutions include powerful reporting functionality to improve strategic planning and workforce management, allowing you to direct resources for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Improved examinations

From fully integrated case management functionality, allowing you to document and track all aspects of your financial crime investigations, to customizable enterprise reporting, Nasdaq Verafin has your examination needs covered with end-to-end BSA/AML solutions.

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