314(b) Information Sharing

Collaborate with peer investigators at other 314(b)-registered institutions to uncover potentially suspicious activity.

Build a complete picture of customer activity

Verafin’s secure information sharing technology gives users a centralized, secure platform to collaborate with other 314(b)-registered institutions.

Investigators can easily send, receive, and respond to requests for information directly in Verafin, helping you get a more complete picture of customer activity and giving you added confidence in your decision-making — ultimately strengthening your investigation.



Daily verification of the 314(b) list ensures you are working with 314(b)-registered contacts — at all times.


All collaborations are private, and you only collaborate with the institutions you choose, whether one-to-one, or within a secure group collaboration.


Share information with investigators in a single group thread to investigate complex activity that spans multiple institutions.


Once you start collaborating with another 314(b)-registered institution you can attach relevant documents and files to further strengthen your investigation.


Your collaborations are centralized, logged, and reportable — making your examination process easier.


Verafin’s collaboration workflow helps you quickly see the status of all incoming and outgoing 314(b) requests for you and your team, and keeps all collaborations and reports in a single easy-to-access location.


Find complex and deeply hidden criminal activity

Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, building complex networks that spread their activity across multiple institutions. Collaboration helps you uncover what would be impossible to see in isolation.

Collaborate with confidence

Voluntarily collaborate in Verafin’s secure environment with confidentiality and privacy.

Connect with peer investigators at other institutions

Connect easily one-on-one with 314(b) investigators or with multiple institutions in a group collaboration to expand your investigative strength.

More Verafin Benefits

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