Why Choose Verafin?


Verafin is the industry leader in Financial Crime Management solutions, providing financial institutions with a cloud-based software platform for Fraud Detection and Management, BSA/AML Compliance and Management, High-Risk Customer Management, and Information Sharing. From investigators and senior management, to deposit operations, collections and front-line staff — Verafin can help all areas of your institution combat financial crime.

Customer Testimonial

“With Verafin, we have everything we need. Everything is in one place, so we can get a full 360-degree view of transactions and risky behavior. It is a true financial crime management system, from seeing the alerts to managing the case.”



At Verafin, we help financial institutions fight crime by delivering targeted models for BSA/AML compliance, fraud detection and high-risk customer management through a customer-driven development process. Verafin’s development teams work closely with financial institution partners to quickly develop, enhance and deploy cutting-edge analytical models to uncover advanced suspicious activity.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Through access to enormous amounts of anonymized Cloud-based data, ongoing collection of user feedback, and advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Verafin develops highly-targeted analytical models that alert financial institutions to the latest trends in criminal activity with extreme accuracy. We continuously improve Verafin’s analytical performance with machine learning trained on Verafin’s vast amount of labelled data — something incredibly difficult for a single institution to achieve with the limitations of an isolated and restricted data set.

Targeted Models

Verafin’s targeted models provide your institution with powerful surveillance of customer accounts. Employing targeted models in place of broad, generic analytics enables more accurate alerts and reduces the rate of false positives. Our analytics use data from across the Verafin Cloud environment to intelligently and rapidly evolve based on peer data, alerting you to risky activity. 

Customer-Driven Development with Weekly Updates

Verafin helps financial institutions stay abreast of industry dilemmas and emerging fraud and money laundering patterns with a customer-driven development process. Combining anonymized cloud-based data, user feedback, and advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Verafin develops highly-targeted analytical models that alert financial institutions to the latest criminal trends. Weekly software updates ensure institutions are always protected by the latest analytical advances.

Customer Testimonial

“Partnering with Verafin has made a huge impact for us over the years. They take such great care in developing analytics and their use of beta testing with customers means these alerts are incredibly accurate. I know that when an alert fires — we need to pay attention.”



Since 2003, Verafin has grown to be the industry leader in Financial Crime Management for financial institution customers in North America and is widely endorsed by industry associations. Combining our expertise with the data power of the Verafin Cloud allows us to build, enhance and deliver targeted models to quickly spot and alert you to financial crime risk.

Market Leadership

The market leader in cross-institutional financial crime detection software, 3500 banks and credit unions across North America use Verafin to comply with regulations and stay a step ahead of financial crime.

Data Integration Expertise

Verafin interfaces with more than 100 data sources, including 65 core banking systems and electronic funds transfer, switch, teller, ACH, wire, check imaging and online banking platforms.

Industry Endorsements

Verafin’s partnerships include industry endorsements in 48 states, including the TBA, WBA, MBA, and we are a strategic alliance provider of CUNA.

Industry Endorsement

“The increasing sophistication of the ‘bad guys’ creates a growing challenge for banks of any size to recognize fraudulent and money laundering activity. We can no longer effectively or efficiently download daily activity to a spreadsheet and expect to catch the creative criminals. Verafin’s FRAML and FRAMLx not only give you a holistic view and behavioral analysis of your clients within your bank, it also allows you to view activity from your client among collaborative institutions.”



At Verafin we want our customers to succeed. We are committed to working together to fight financial crime, and we are available to help you, through various channels, every step of the way.

24/7/365 Support

Verafin’s dedicated support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — at no additional cost.

Unlimited Ongoing Training

To help ensure users are gaining every benefit of the application, Verafin offers unlimited user training, across multiple channels, free-of-charge.

Online Community

Connect with thousands of Verafin users and product experts on the Verafin Community to share advice, access valuable resources, and offer feedback on product enhancements.

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