Why Choose Verafin?

Verafin is more than just another software provider.


24/7/365 Support

Verafin’s dedicated support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — at no additional cost.

Unlimited Ongoing Training

To help ensure users are gaining every benefit of the application, Verafin offers unlimited user training, across multiple channels, free-of-charge.

Online Community

Connect with thousands of Verafin users and product experts on the Online Community to share advice, access valuable resources, and offer feedback on product enhancements.

Customer Testimonial

“Verafin is such a time saver and is so automated, it is great to work with. And it is not just the time savings. The accuracy of the data is fantastic.”



Market Leadership

As the market leader in cross-institutional financial crime detection software, Verafin has 1700 customers across North America.

Data Integration Expertise

Verafin interfaces with more than 100 data sources including 65 core banking systems, EFT/switch, teller, ACH, wire platforms, check imaging and online banking platforms.

Industry Endorsements

Verafin’s partnerships include industry endorsements in 47 states, including the WBA, TBA, MBA, FBA, IBA, and a strategic alliance provider of CUNA.

Industry Endorsement

“We looked closely at a number of software vendors and feel
that Verafin stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. They have a clear dedication to innovation and staying a step ahead of criminals, plus an industry-wide reputation for exceptional customer support.”



Ongoing Innovation

Verafin’s unique ability to analyze extensive data in the Verafin Cloud helps to quickly identify emerging criminal trends, and develop enhancements that empower users in their effort to prevent financial crime.

Rapid Release Schedule

As a cloud-based software provider, Verafin offers continuous weekly releases to provide institutions with the latest innovations to keep ahead of regulatory changes, and financial crime trends.

Customer Partnerships

Innovation is not just about technology. At Verafin, we collaborate with our customers to enhance the product, iterate on feedback, and continuously improve our analytics.

Customer Testimonial

“FRAMLx helped us quickly uncover fraudulent loan activity and ID theft. We would have flushed it out eventually but it would have definitely taken one or two months to get to this point. But we got to this point with Verafin literally overnight with just a couple of FRAMLx collaborations.”



What is FRAMLx?

Verafin’s FRAMLx platform is a fully integrated BSA/AML compliance and multi-channel fraud detection solution, with the added benefit of 314(b) collaboration and innovative cross-institutional analysis.

From investigators, to deposit operations, collections, and front-line staff — Verafin can help all areas of your institution combat financial crime.

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