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Complex AML Investigations with Visualization and Integrated Case Management

Increase Efficiency with Verafin’s Data-Driven Investigation Platform

As financial crime grows in scale and complexity, banks are facing increasing expectations to improve detection rates, expedite investigations, and enhance reporting to law enforcement. Investigation teams are further challenged by inefficient workflows across siloed, disparate systems and multiple data sources — resulting in a limited view of activity, slower decision-making and increased operational costs.

Verafin’s data-driven Financial Crime Management platform dramatically improves the efficiency of AML operations with a single, consolidated solution for seamless, end-to-end investigations with visualization tools and integrated case management.

With a unique approach, Verafin integrates, resolves, and enriches data from across hundreds of data sources and thousands of institutions across the Cloud. This immense data set enables powerful investigative tools such as counterparty profiles, link analysis capabilities, and advanced visualizations that focus investigator efforts and expedite investigations.

  • Data-Driven Platform: All data used in analysis, including third-party, open-source and consortium-based data, is available directly in the platform, right at investigators’ fingertips, to expedite investigations into customer transactions, interactions, and relationships, including non-customer counterparties.
  • Automated Entity Resolution: Verafin significantly reduces manual effort for investigators by automating the resolution of multiple representations of a customer within an institution.
  • Counterparty Data & Non-Customer Profiles: Using information extracted from the rich data across the Cloud, Verafin resolves details about non-customer entities to form counterparty profiles, helping investigators expedite reviews and better assess the risk associated with activity that goes beyond your institution’s view.
  • Link Analysis & Visualization: Visual investigation tools use rich data insights to focus investigative efforts, provide data-driven intelligence into customer activity and relationships, and make connections across networks that might otherwise be missed.
  • Seamless Case Management & Suspicious Activity Reporting: With fully integrated case management, Verafin provides a centralized system — from investigation and documentation of cases to automatic SAR filing — saving valuable time and resources for AML teams.

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