Archived Webinar

Prevent & Manage Card Fraud Losses using FRAMLx

Special Fraud Webinar Series
Leveraging Technology for Fraud Prevention and Management

Originally Presented: June 7, 2018

As more consumers use debit and credit cards as a preferred payment method, both personal and card data are reaching unprecedented heights of vulnerability. The rollout of EMV only adds pressure on institutions to develop better measures to protect against card fraud.

Discover how FRAMLx can be a strong second layer of defense for your institution against counterfeit and card-not-present fraud. Learn how our innovative fraud analytics can uncover unusual ATM and point-of-sale transactions, as well as common point of transactions for compromised cards. Verafin’s consolidated fraud management solutions help your institution more effectively manage your fraud processes, with adaptive alerts, reporting and dashboards, and robust case management with dispute and recovery tracking.

Highlights of this 20-minute presentation:

  • Overview of challenges in detecting and managing card fraud
  • Demonstration of scenarios to uncover ATM & POS transactions with counterfeit cards
  • Demonstration of scenarios to uncover Card-Not-Present fraud
  • Review of Fraud Management solutions including card fraud dispute & recovery tracking, case management, fraud reporting, and more.
  •   Card Fraud
  •   Fraud
  •   Fraud Management

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