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Detecting Suspicious Activity during Tax Filing Season

Originally Presented: January 26, 2016

Tax Refund Fraud is a multifaceted, growing crime — in 2013 over $5.8 billion in fraudulent refunds was processed. With Suspicious Tax Fraud analysis in Verafin,... 

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The Role of Financial Institutions in Combatting Human Trafficking

Originally Presented: January 11, 2016

Timea Nagy, Human Trafficking Survivor & Educator, discusses the critical role of financial institutions in combatting this crime. There is a pressing need for action... 

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ACAMS Webinar: Crime Rings Have Grown to a Prevalent and Formidable Threat

Originally Presented: November 6, 2015

“VERY impressive. Lots of great information by presenters with great skills. This presentation ranks as one of the best presentations I have attended in 2015!”... 

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ACAMS Webinar: Financial Institutions Can Shed Light on “Invisible” Victims of Human Trafficking and Smuggling

Originally Presented: November 24, 2014

Human trafficking and smuggling are immensely profitable crimes that generate mountains of illicit proceeds. Unlike the victims of most crimes, however, neither the underage victims... 

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ACAMS Webinar: The Rise of Organized Financial Crime: The New Mafia

Originally Presented: April 30, 2013

This session provides a revealing ‘walk-through’ of the inner workings of today’s organized financial crime enterprise. It illustrates how these virtual, viral and technologically-savvy organizations... 

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An Intricate Look Into The World of Organized Fraud Rings

Originally Presented: March 28, 2013

This webinar reveals the sophisticated modus operandi of today’s organized fraud rings and illustrates why it is essential for financial institutions to intensify their fraud... 

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Fighting Financial Crime: Trends, Challenges and Protecting Your Institution

Originally Presented: March 7, 2013

Financial Institutions across the country are increasingly challenged to protect themselves and their customers from financial crime. This webinar provides a broad based overview of... 

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ACAMS Webinar: Understanding the FRAML Process

Originally Presented: March 30, 2011

Chris Swecker outlines steps to convergence (people, processes and technology), the interconnection between financial crimes and the advantages, obstacles, and myths of converging fraud and...