Archived Webinar

Identifying NGOs or Charities to Better Assess Risk

Special BSA/AML Webinar Series
Intelligent Segmentation: A New Approach to Identify High-Risk Customers

Originally Presented: May 29, 2018

As the FFIEC BSA Exam Manual states “the flow of funds both into and out of the NGO can be complex, making them susceptible to abuse by money launderers and terrorists.”

To ensure you can adequately assess these risks and meet due diligence requirements for Non-Governmental Organizations or Charities — you likely have to rely on time-consuming manual reports and tedious reviews of online databases to identify customers in this high-risk group.

Discover how to overcome the challenges of identifying high-risk customers for more effective due diligence, targeted monitoring, and enhanced reporting. Learn how Verafin uses artificial intelligence and open-source data in high-risk customer finders to automatically identify customers that may be operating as NGOs or Charities.

Highlights of this 20-minute presentation:

  • Review of risk factors and mitigation strategies related to Non-Governmental Organizations or Charities from the FFIEC BSA/AML Exam Manual.
  • Discussion on the challenges of identifying NGOs or Charities in your existing customer base.
  • Overview of the benefits of an Intelligent Segmentation approach to your high-risk customer management program with a focus on chartiable organizations.
  • How to get alerted to NGOs, and other high-risk customers in your existing customer base with Verafin’s high-risk-finder analysis.
  •   BSA/AML Compliance
  •   CDD/EDD
  •   Examination
  •   High-Risk Customer Management
  •   Intelligent Segmentation

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