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Quarterly Cloud Insights Q2 2023

Criminals are prolific and persistent in their attempts to defraud their victims. At Verafin, we know the first step in protecting financial institutions from these... 


The Rise of Cryptocurrency in Modern Slavery

April 19, 2023 by Verafin

“Digital assets may pose significant illicit finance risks, including money laundering, cybercrime and ransomware, narcotics and human trafficking, and terrorism and proliferation financing.”  –Department of State, Trafficking in Persons Crypto companies play a critical role in the fight against human... 

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Case Management for Crypto Companies

Strong investigative processes are critical to combating financial crime. Verafin’s Anti-Financial Crime Platform for Crypto Companies provides fully integrated Case Management functionality, centralizing your investigations... 


The Growing Use of Cryptocurrency in Modern Slavery

Human trafficking is a horrific crime that affects millions around the globe. Crypto companies have a critical role in the fight against human trafficking and... 

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Suspicious Activity Reporting/Suspicious Transaction Reporting for Crypto Companies

Filing Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)/Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) is a necessary part of compliance programs for crypto companies; however, the tasks associated with regulatory reporting are... 


Beyond the Blockchain

Criminals leverage cryptocurrency for several reasons – the ability to obfuscate funds being the most prominent. But despite the perceived anonymity, criminals must convert portions... 

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Advanced Solutions for Crypto Companies

Efficiency is key. Many crypto companies rely on manual solutions for case management, SAR/STR filing and more, wasting valuable time and resources that could be more... 


Scale to Prevail: Five Benefits of Proactively Scaling your Compliance Platform

March 7, 2023 by Verafin

Regulatory enforcement is rapidly evolving for crypto companies and manual processes are costing you more. As fines for compliance violations increase, staying ahead of regulatory requirements is a necessity for crypto companies, to avoid financial penalties and damage to your... 


Big Lessons for Crypto Companies From Even Bigger AML Fines

March 6, 2023 by Verafin

For crypto companies, the immense challenge of navigating the  multitude of regulators, escalating number of fines, and evolving landscape of compliance is overwhelming. Crypto companies are facing increased pressure to remain compliant, while avoiding penalties and reputational damage. The Current... 


Automating for Efficiency

February 2, 2023 by Verafin

The “crypto winter” has temporarily frozen many crypto company’s capabilities. As companies compensate for current challenges with budgetary reductions and increased layoffs, companies are continuously asking themselves how they can do less with more. Increased regulatory scrutiny and impending compliance...