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Common Point of Purchase and Cross-Institutional Detection

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Criminals are preying on ATMs, gas station pumps and more to steal card information with skimmers and keypad surveillance devices. Losses can be substantial as criminals exploit the data to sell your customers’ information online, appropriate customer identities, or duplicate cards to make fraudulent charges and drain customers’ accounts.

Rapidly detect compromised terminals and cards with Verafin’s Common Point of Purchase (CPP) and Cross-Institutional CPP (CPPx) agents. With cutting-edge analytics, machine learning and big data intelligence in the Cloud, you can uncover suspicious card activity in seconds and react to potential data breaches or skimming incidents immediately — before losses occur.

Key benefits of our solution include:

  • Cross-Institutional Compromised Terminal Detection. Verafin automatically analyzes recently confirmed and potentially fraudulent card transactions occurring at institutions across the Verafin Cloud, locating common terminals tied to fraudulent activity and alerting you to exposed cards at your institution.
  • Automated CPP Detection. Verafin automatically analyzes the cards at your institution that may have been compromised at a single terminal. If a CPP is discovered, Verafin generates a new alert for investigators to review.
  • Integrated CPP Finder. Use information regarding two or more potentially compromised cards to manually search for other cards and transactions that occurred at the same terminal in a similar timeframe.

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