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Sanctions Screening & Management

Enhanced Monitoring and Compliance

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Originally Presented: August 10, 2022

Financial institutions are facing increasingly complex sanctions compliance regulations and expectations, today more than ever. Amid growing global considerations and other challenges including manual records management, out-of-date watchlists, high volumes of false positive alerts, and disparate systems, a robust sanctions management program is essential to avoid reputational damage, civil penalties, and unsatisfactory regulatory examinations.

Join Corey Lynch on August 10 for an informative demonstration of Verafin’s consolidated Sanctions Screening and Management solution. In this engaging event, you will learn how our approach can improve the speed and accuracy of your investigations and increase the effectiveness of your sanctions compliance program.

Highlights of this engaging event include:

  • An overview of the challenges of conventional approaches to sanctions compliance.
  • The benefits of targeted, segmented agents for more efficient and effective monitoring.
  • An introduction to Verafin’s robust Sanctions Screening and Management agents for ACH, wire and core payments, segmented by entity type.
  • Employing fuzzy name matching in sensitivity testing for a near 100% match rate.
  • Leveraging geofencing in highly-targeted agents for specific sanctioned regions for more accurate results, fewer false positives, and added confidence in your results.
  • How Verafin effectively and efficiently identifies high-risk entities and activities at your institution to strengthen your sanctions compliance program.

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