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ACAMS Webinar: Stay Ahead of Emerging Trends

Practical Advice from Peers & Industry Experts

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Originally Presented: May 28, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted existing weaknesses in current anti-financial crime approaches and the inflexibility of legacy detection systems to keep pace with evolving criminal activity. The need for scalable, agile solutions that can quickly adapt to emerging financial crimes has never been more acute.

Join an engaging panel including Brendan Brothers, Verafin Co-Founder; Jim Richards, Founder and Principal of RegTech Consulting LLC; and banking industry representatives Patrick Dutton, Regional Head – Intelligence, Analytics, and Systems Delivery at HSBC; and Stephanie Zirin, Vice President and Fraud Analysis Manager at Eastern Bank. These speakers will share success stories and practical advice for institutions to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of financial crime management programs.

Key topics from the webinar include:
•    Examining real-life case studies and lessons learned from recent fraud and money laundering investigations, including COVID-19-related crimes.
•    Outlining best practices to improve effectiveness of anti-financial crime efforts when reacting to emerging financial crime trends.
•    Sharing key takeaways for financial institutions on planning for the future of financial crime management.

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