Complex AML Investigations with Visualization and Integrated Case Management

As financial crime grows in scale and complexity, banks are facing increasing expectations to improve detection rates, expedite investigations, and enhance reporting to law enforcement. Investigation teams are further challenged by inefficient workflows across siloed, disparate systems and multiple data sources — resulting in a limited view of activity, slower decision-making and increased operational costs. […]


Payments Fraud: Charting a Growing Threat

Fraudsters will use every available channel to target your institution, including exploiting the speed and convenience of ACH and wire transfers for their schemes. From irrevocable and high-value wires to multiple ACH transfers slightly beneath your institution’s reporting threshold, the potential for loss is extreme. In this engaging event, industry expert and Verafin Product Evangelist […]


Wire Fraud

As the threat of wire fraud grows and criminals develop increasingly complex scams, banks and credit unions require quick and effective solutions to protect their institutions and their customers from loss. Wire losses can be significant and difficult to recover, and the high values and international nature of many wire transfers make them inherently risky. […]


ACH Fraud

Criminals are exploiting the increasing speed and convenience of ACH transfers through lucrative scams, from Business Email Compromise (BEC) to payroll diversion, and consumer and corporate online account takeover. With ACH volume increasing year-over-year, the potential for loss may be greater than ever. Join our product experts for an educational webinar as they explore trends, […]


Cloud Trends Revealed: Fraud Insights & Benchmarks for Financial Institutions

Verafin is pleased to offer a special rebroadcast of our exciting Cloud Trends Revealed webinar, featuring results of trend analysis from an immense set of anonymized data from financial institutions in the Verafin Cloud, representing more than $3 trillion in collective assets. In this insightful webinar, anti-financial crime experts Brendan Brothers and Mauriceo Castanheiro will […]


Strengthening Due Diligence: End-to-End High-Risk Customer Management

Originally Presented: June 10, 2021 Financial institutions are facing significant challenges managing customers in high-risk categories amid increased regulatory pressure surrounding Customer Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence (CDD/EDD). In this insightful session from the June 2021 Virtual Tour, technology experts and professionals from peer institutions discussed innovative approaches and best practices to improve due […]


Insights & Innovations: Fighting Fraud with Big Data

Originally Presented: June 8, 2021 Cunning fraudsters are targeting financial institutions and customers with opportunistic schemes and lucrative scams. In this engaging session from the June 2021 Virtual Tour, industry experts discussed lessons learned from a challenging year, and innovative approaches to take decisive action — including deposit and check fraud detection strengthened by machine […]


The Future of AML: Advancing BSA Compliance Programs with Efficiency & Effectiveness

Originally Presented: June 7, 2021 The BSA/AML compliance landscape is evolving — and the AML Act of 2020 may usher in the most significant changes since the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001. In this insightful session from the June 2021 Virtual Tour, former Wells Fargo executive Jim Richards and Verafin Product Expert Corey Lynch discussed […]


AMLA: Potential Impact and Practical Implications for Anti-Financial Crime

Originally Presented: April 20, 2021 The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (AMLA) may usher in the most profound changes to the BSA/AML regime since the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001. By broadening the purpose of the BSA, the Act aims to modernize AML/CFT laws and pivot the country from a U.S.-focused regulation and compliance regime […]