Anti-Money Laundering & BSA Compliance

Improve your customer knowledge, manage customer risk, and enhance your ability to detect and report potentially suspicious activity with Verafin’s enterprise BSA/AML platform.

An Enterprise BSA/AML Platform

Verafin provides financial institutions with a complete, end-to-end, BSA/AML compliance solution. From account opening to customer risk management, ongoing due diligence, suspicious activity monitoring, and regulatory reporting, Verafin’s innovative FRAMLx solution helps you build a complete picture of your customers and their activity.

Risk-based BSA/AML functionality helps you recognize new high-risk customers at account opening and alert you to existing customers involved in high-risk activity. High-risk customer management is enhanced with Verafin’s fully integrated case management functionality, easing your ongoing due diligence tasks, and innovative analytical models alert you to potentially suspicious activity across a range of crimes, including human trafficking and terrorist financing.



Verafin’s enterprise BSA/AML platform includes a wide-range of risk-based functionality that helps you accurately assess a customer’s potential risk and efficiently monitor them on an ongoing basis. From a fully configurable front-line CDD questionnaire to intelligent high-risk segmentation, stratification, and targeted ongoing monitoring, Verafin helps you efficiently manage your high-risk customers (HRCs).


A fully configurable CDD questionnaire helps your front-line staff focus on capturing the information you need for improved risk management, while continuing to provide new customers with the exceptional customer service they demand.


Verafin’s innovative analytical models monitor ongoing behavior to help your institution uncover activity indicating a customer belongs in a BSA-defined high-risk category, including ATM Owners, Marijuana-Related Businesses (MRBs), Money Service Businesses (MSBs), and more.


Once Verafin has accurately segmented and stratified your high-risk customers, it applies targeted high-risk analytical models, in addition to its innovative AML models, to the ongoing monitoring of their activity. The targeted models employ artificial intelligence to provide your institution with powerful ongoing monitoring of customer accounts within specific high-risk categories, such as ATM Owner or MSB. This provides your institution with a valuable additional layer of customer activity monitoring.


Criminals are using multiple institutions to hide their activity. Verafin’s cloud-based, cross-institutional analysis gives you more complete insight into customer activity to improve decision-making and give you added confidence in your investigation.


Verafin analyzes customer activity across transaction channels to provide you with robust alerts that uncover a range of suspicious activity, including the unusual movement of funds, structuring, human trafficking, and terrorist financing.


Verafin’s 314(b) information sharing technology helps you connect with a larger network of peers to collaborate and share information, get a more complete picture of customer activity, and strengthen your AML investigations.


Verafin automatically scans your customer information nightly against numerous regulatory watch lists, including OFAC and 314(a). You can also create internal watch lists and perform on-demand watch list searches.


Verafin brings increased efficiency and confidence to the regulatory reporting process by helping you automating the tedious but necessary tasks associated with initiating, completing and filing Suspicious Activity Reports.


Fully integrated case management functionality gives institutions the ability to more efficiently perform ongoing due diligence on HRCs and investigations on customers performing potentially suspicious activity. Investigations are improved through the ability to upload related documentation, assign tasks, create notes, generate and refile auto-populated SARs, and more — all from a centralized location.


Verafin includes visual performance dashboards that help you assess your alerts, cases, and SARs filed for a specified time-period. These graphical dashboards help you quickly understand (and report on) the types of customer activity generating alerts; which alert types generate the highest risk scores and result in cases or SARs; and where to direct the focus of your team members for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


End-to-End Customer Risk Assessment

From account opening to ongoing suspicious activity detection, Verafin can recognize and accurately segment your high-risk customers. Properly segmented, Verafin’s case management functionality and innovative analytical models help you efficiently perform the appropriate level of enhanced due diligence on your customers, in line with your institution’s documented CDD/EDD procedures.

Intelligent Segmentation

Verafin optimizes your HRC management process with intelligent segmentation. Intelligence-based analytics, utilizing a wide-range of data sources, allow you to incorporate greater efficiency into your CDD/EDD processes — from identification through to segmentation, stratification, and ongoing monitoring.

Improve your institutional risk profile

Through Verafin’s intelligent segmentation and end-to-end CDD/EDD functionality, you gain a more accurate assessment and understanding of your customer risk profile. Analytical models reinforced with machine learning capabilities help you find previously unknown high-risk customers within your customer base, to properly assess, segment, and manage them.

More Efficient CDD/EDD Reviews

From fully integrated case management functionality, that helps you document and track all aspects of your investigations, to customizable enterprise reporting, Verafin has your examination needs covered.

Beyond compliance

In addition to segmenting your high-risk customers, such as MSBs or NGOs, for more effective due diligence, Verafin considers additional factors to stratify customers within a high-risk category. By stratifying by true risk-level within each high-risk category, you greatly enhance the efficiency of your CDD/EDD review processes.

Improved examinations

From fully integrated case management functionality, that helps you document and track all aspects of your investigations, to customizable enterprise reporting, Verafin has your examination needs covered.



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