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Consortium Technology & Big Data: A Step Change in Fighting Financial Crime

Scams are costing Americans billions of dollars each year. As criminals shift tactics and launder proceeds to evade detection, financial institutions must embrace technology and... 


The Mounting Menace of Investment Scams

Investment scams, also known as financial grooming, are causing significant financial and emotional harm for countless victims around the world. Losses to the fraud increased... 


A Ruthless Scam

September 26, 2023 by Nasdaq Verafin

A prominent virtual currency investment scam, with the demeaning label “pig butchering,” is creating significant financial and emotional harm for countless victims around the world – criminals defrauded victims of more than $2 billion USD in 2022. Known as financial... 


Business Email Compromise: Tracing the Lineage of a $50B Fraud Problem

August 21, 2023 by Nasdaq Verafin

Across the financial industry, few scams are as notorious as Business Email Compromise (BEC), and for good reason. The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has announced that since 2013 losses attributed directly to BEC surpassed $50B, representing a nearly 6300%... 


Tackling Financial Crime Together

A single institution fighting financial crime in isolation cannot see the full picture of customer activity, leaving your customers vulnerable to fraud and money laundering... 

Case Study

Online Romance, Real Consequences

Scammers will use any method possible to defraud their victims – including exploiting their emotions and trust. In this anonymized Case Study from the Verafin... 

Archived Webinar

Quarterly Cloud Insights Uncovered Q2 2023

Originally Presented: June 28, 2023

...assets. This insightful webinar will include highlights from our Wire Fraud Benchmarking Report for Q2 2023, featuring valuable insights and benchmarking data on wire payments. Our experts will take a...


Quarterly Cloud Insights Q2 2023

Criminals are prolific and persistent in their attempts to defraud their victims. At Verafin, we know the first step in protecting financial institutions from these... 


10 Tips for Financial Crime Management

From pervasive fraud scams and counterfeit checks to money mules, financial crime management teams are under immense pressure to combat emerging crime and prevent losses.... 

Archived Webinar

Fighting Fraud: Innovative Solutions to Detect & Disrupt Emerging Crimes

Originally Presented: June 22, 2023

Fraud is growing increasingly complex. Amid sophisticated authorized push payment scams, surging check fraud, and with limited visibility into illicit activity, collaboration between financial institutions...