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Quarterly Cloud Insights Uncovered Q3 2022

Originally Presented: September 21, 2022

Join industry-leading anti-financial crime experts as they reveal results of trend analysis of an immense set of anonymized data from financial institutions in the Verafin... 

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Mitigating & Managing Deposit Fraud Losses

October 12 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST

Despite the decreasing use of checks as a preferred financial method for transactions, institutions across the country are facing an increasing number of deposit fraud... 

  Archived Webinar

ACH Fraud

Originally Presented: August 17, 2022

Criminals are exploiting the increasing speed and convenience of ACH transfers through lucrative scams, from Business Email Compromise (BEC) to payroll diversion, and consumer and... 


Quarterly ​Cloud Insights​ Uncovered: Q2 2022​

Gain unparalleled perspective on wire fraud trends across the industry with Verafin’s Quarterly Cloud Insights benchmarking report. Discover the findings of big data analysis for... 


Preventing Losses from Check Kiting and Check Fraud Schemes

Fraudsters are using tried-and-true methods to perpetrate fraud. From stolen checkbooks and near-perfect counterfeits to elaborate kiting schemes, in-clearing or on-us check fraud remains a... 

  Archived Webinar

Cloud Insights Uncovered Q1 2022

Originally Presented: March 23, 2022

Industry-leading anti-financial crime experts reveal results of trend analysis of an immense set of anonymized data from financial institutions in the Verafin Cloud, representing more... 


Fraud Trends and Technology

January 12, 2022 by Verafin

Financial institutions face increasing challenges to keep pace with evolving financial crime, and 2021 revealed that fraud is moving faster than ever. In a year-in-review presentation, we explored the top fraud trends of 2021 identified in the Verafin Cloud, the... 


AML Crime Trends and Technology

January 12, 2022 by Verafin

Keeping pace with the changing landscape of BSA/AML is a significant challenge for financial institutions. In our year-end presentation we explored industry-wide AML trends and the specific challenges facing compliance programs today — including the recent passing of the AML Act of... 

  Archived Webinar

2021 Crime Trends & Technology: A Year in Review

Originally Presented: December 7, 2021

From growing fraud threats to the evolving BSA/AML landscape, 2021 has been a significant year in financial crime management — and 2022 may bring new... 

  Archived Webinar

Industry Panel – Innovating to Fight Fraud Scams

Originally Presented: October 18, 2021

From cunning criminals to elaborate schemes and scams, the constant evolution of fraud is a driving force for financial crime management technology and innovation. In...