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Today’s Risk Landscape: High-Risk Customer Groups

A Risk-Based AML Approach to Strengthen Compliance

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Originally Presented: March 14, 2018

FinCEN’s final rule on Customer Due Diligence Requirements has brought increased scrutiny on compliance programs to understand the nature and purpose of customer relationships on an ongoing basis. With this increased regulatory pressure, it is more important than ever that financial institutions adopt an end-to-end, risk-based approach to their due diligence and risk management processes.

In this educational webinar, we will discuss challenges facing financial institutions in navigating today’s risk landscape, with a focus on High-Risk Customer categories, such as NRAs, MSBs, MRBs, ATM Owners, PEPs, and NGOs. We will also provide an overview of steps to adopting a risk-based approach including identification, assessment, monitoring and review of these high-risk customer groups.

Highlights of this webinar

  • Examine regulatory requirements and obligations related to ongoing customer due diligence, and the potential impact on financial institutions’ processes and procedures.
  • Outline industry approaches to managing high-risk customer categories, and the potential impact from de-risking groups of customers.
  • Learn best practices for meeting due diligence requirements for ongoing monitoring and reviewing high-risk customers.
  • Review of how a risk-based approach can strengthen your AML program, by identifying, assessing, monitoring and reviewing high-risk customers.

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