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A Risk-based Approach to Sanctions Compliance

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Originally Presented: July 27, 2022

An effective sanctions screening program that meets the growing complexities of sanctions compliance is essential for financial institutions. Relying on legacy and disparate systems across different channels can lead to challenges with significant volumes of false positive alerts, inaccurate and incomplete data sets, and outdated systems and watchlists, and leave your institution with potential compliance gaps.


Join industry expert and Verafin Product Evangelist Corey Lynch for an insightful session to learn how maintaining an effective sanctions screening program can protect your institution from compliance risk and help limit the funding of nefarious and illicit activity.


Highlights of this educational webinar include:

  • Solutions to help your compliance team efficiently investigate sanctions risks and report potentially suspicious activity.
  • Discussion on how a consolidated sanctions compliance program can reduce false positive alerts.
  • Information on how targeted sanctions screening agents, transaction monitoring and automated watch list updates support a strong risk-based compliance program.
  • Ways to strengthen audits and examinations.

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  •   Beneficial Ownership
  •   BSA/AML Compliance
  •   CDD/EDD
  •   High-Risk Customer Management
  •   OFAC/Watch List
  •   Sanctions
  •   Shell Companies

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