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Why Every Institution Needs Intelligent Segmentation

Special BSA/AML Webinar Series
Intelligent Segmentation: A New Approach to Identify High-Risk Customers

Originally Presented: April 24, 2018

Despite the best efforts of diligent compliance teams like yours, who have to rely on manual reports and processes, it is hard to know if you’ve identified all potential high-risk customers in your customer base.

By using intelligent segmentation, Verafin can find those customers for you.

Verafin’s high-risk customer finders alert you to MSBs, NGOs, MRBs, and Privately-Owned ATMs, that may require further scrutiny — helping you confidently prepare for your next exam, meet due diligence requirements and strengthen your overall compliance program.

This is a short, 20-minute presentation on how intelligent segmentation will help you identify and group these customers, so you can manage them in a more dynamic way — from stratified risk scoring to targeted monitoring.

Highlights of this 20-minute presentation:

  • The challenges of high-risk customer management including increased regulatory pressure and cost of compliance.
  • How intelligent segmentation of high-risk customers saves time and money and strengthens compliance by automating manual due diligence processes to provide a more accurate picture of your institution’s high-risk accounts.
  • How to get alerted to unknown high-risk customers in your existing customer base who did not self-identify at account opening with Verafin’s high-risk-finder analysis for MSBs, NGOs, MRBs, ATM Owners, and more.
  •   BSA/AML Compliance
  •   CDD/EDD
  •   Examination
  •   High-Risk Customer Management
  •   Intelligent Segmentation

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