Entity Resolution, Counterparty Data and Link Analysis for AML Efficiency

Data-driven investigation and case management platform to detect, investigate and report financial crime.

In the current economic climate, the need for greater efficiency in AML/CFT programs is acute. Financial institutions are facing high volumes of false positive alerts, inefficient alert triage and investigations, and lack of single systems of record. With a unique approach, Verafin integrates, resolves, and enriches data from across hundreds of data sources and thousands of institutions across the Cloud. Through automated entity resolution and enriched counterparty data, Verafin’s powerful link analysis and investigation tools empower fraud, AML/CFT and complex investigations teams to expedite decision making and confidently address truly suspicious activity.

Join our Product Experts as they discuss the anti-financial crime challenges faced by institutions relying on legacy AML approaches, and how institutions can use data-driven technology solutions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of AML/CFT programs.

Highlights of this insightful session include:

  • Data & Entity Resolution. Verafin ingests data from hundreds of financial data systems, enriches it with third-party and open-source data, and transforms it into a purpose-built data model to detect and investigate financial crime.
  • Advanced Analytical Agents. Verafin’s typology-driven analytical agents provide lower false positive rates by incorporating third-party data and counterparty risk rating. Our agents leverage the unique insights gained from our consortium-based data to create higher-quality alerts.
  • Link Analysis & Visual Storytelling. Visual investigation tools use rich data insights to focus investigative efforts, provide data-driven intelligence into customer activity and relationships, and make connections across networks that might otherwise be missed – empowering investigators to make confident decisions with insights into the counterparties their customers interact with.
  • Single System of Record for anti-financial crime management. Verafin maintains a record of all past investigation outcomes, including research into your customers and their counterparties. With consolidated Case Management, investigators are presented with a holistic view of a customer’s risk, without duplicating effort across investigations.
  •   314(b) Information Sharing
  •   BSA/AML Compliance
  •   Counterparty Data
  •   Cross-Institutional AML Analysis
  •   Entity resolution
  •   Link Analysis

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