Case Study

Building a Better Picture of Customer Activity with FRAMLx and FRAMLxchange

Ion Bank  •  Headquarters: Naugatuck, CT
Assets: $1.8B  •  Core Banking System: Fiserv DNA


“There was a FRAMLx alert that indicated the person was up to the same type of activity at another bank. Because I can see all of this in Verafin, I can put everything together, show intent, and get law enforcement to take the case.”

Robert Voets, Assistant VP – Director of Financial Crimes / Corporate Security
Ion Bank

With his extensive background in law enforcement, teamed with his current role detecting unusual customer activity at Ion Bank, Robert Voets is a proponent of cross-institutional information sharing. He particularly values how easy and efficient Verafin’s FRAMLx collaboration tools make it to reach out to other financial institutions (FIs) to improve his investigations and stop financial criminals.

  •   314(b) Information Sharing
  •   FRAMLx
  •   Fraud
  •   Law Enforcement
  •   Money Laundering
  •   SARs