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Best Practices for Human Trafficking Investigations

Typologies, Red Flags, and Tools to Help Detect, Investigate & Report

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Originally Presented: November 29, 2017

Financial institutions and investigators can play a critical role the fight against Human Trafficking — to follow the money, uncover perpetrators, and protect potential victims of this terrible crime

But this is a very complex and challenging problem for investigators to solve.

This webinar will help you gain an understanding of the scale of human trafficking activity and the impact on victims, and learn human trafficking typologies and financial indicators.

We have also worked with advocates, investigators, and law enforcement to develop a deep dive into best practices for an end-to-end Human Trafficking investigation. It will offer valuable insights and tips to help investigators detect and investigate this crime — regardless of your current process, or monitoring system.

Highlights of this educational webinar:

  • Discuss the scale of the crime of human trafficking
  • Review of industry advisories
  • Overview of human trafficking typologies
  • Deep dive into red flag indicators
  • Best practices for investigating & documenting your case
  • Recommendations for reporting to law enforcement



Brendan Brothers – Co-founder, Verafin

Rob Norris – Product Manager, Verafin

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  •   Human Trafficking
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