Archived Webinar

Beneficial Ownership: Closing Gaps to Crime & Corruption

A complimentary educational event brought to you by Verafin.

Originally Presented: February 4, 2022

Criminals are exploiting gaps in beneficial ownership legislation to conceal their identities, activities, and illicit profits in the United States economy. With bad actors disguised among the millions of honest American corporations created each year, regulatory enhancements to counter illicit finance and increase transparency for beneficial ownership may be imminent.

In this special webinar rebroadcast, Verafin Product Experts Corey Lynch (CAMS) and Bill Heys discuss current and emerging considerations related to beneficial ownership. You will learn about the many challenges facing the financial industry today, and how the current regulatory landscape may be poised for change.

Highlights of this educational webinar include:

  • A review of industry challenges related to beneficial ownership
  • A discussion of important regulatory developments, such as FinCEN’s Proposed Rule for Beneficial Ownership Reporting to Counter Illicit Finance and Increase Transparency
  • How regulatory enhancements related to beneficial ownership may empower the fight against financial crime
  •   Beneficial Ownership
  •   Money Laundering

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