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ACH Fraud

Emerging Threats & Industry Developments

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Originally Presented: August 17, 2022

Criminals are exploiting the increasing speed and convenience of ACH transfers through lucrative scams, from Business Email Compromise (BEC) to payroll diversion, and consumer and corporate online account takeover. With ACH volume increasing year-over-year, the potential for loss may be greater than ever.

Join Verafin Product Expert Corey Lynch for an educational webinar exploring trends, challenges, and emerging developments in ACH fraud. You will learn about the evolving scenarios we have observed in the Verafin Cloud, and the many sophisticated threats targeting ACH payments and your financial institution.

Highlights of this engaging event include:

·     An overview of key industry developments

·     Insights from the Verafin Cloud into ACH trends

·     A discussion of emerging and evolving ACH fraud challenges

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