White Paper

FRAMLx: Strength in Numbers

Fighting Financial Crime with the Power of Cross-Institutional Detection & Collaboration

Can your transaction monitoring software keep pace with today’s evolving financial crime landscape? From the simplistic to complex, modern criminals are organized and willing to use every scheme at their disposal to avoid detection. 

This white paper looks at the evolution of transaction monitoring technology and the limitations created by modern financial crime. It then shows how FRAMLx, Verafin’s latest financial crime fighting innovation, and cross-institutional collaboration via FRAMLxchange, the secure 314(b) information sharing network, offer you the most effective and efficient way to protect both your institution and customers.

In this paper you will learn how:

  • modern criminal activity is limiting the effectiveness of most of today’s financial crime detection software
  • collaboration and information sharing improves your investigative efforts
  • FRAMLx uncovers deeply hidden criminal activity through cross-institutional data analysis
  • membership in FRAMLxchange helps you easily and efficiently connect with peer investigators at other 314(b)-registered FIs
  •   314(b) Information Sharing
  •   Crime Rings
  •   Cross-Institutional AML Analysis
  •   FRAMLx
  •   FRAMLxchange
  •   Risky Entity Analysis

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