Verafin’s Consolidated Financial Crime Management Platform

Exclusively for institutions on IBT Apps core banking system

Verafin is the industry’s leading Financial Crime Management platform, trusted by financial institutions using IBT Apps i2Suite® and i2Core® platforms to strengthen compliance and combat evolving financial crimes. With efficient and effective automated solutions and nearly 20 years experience in the industry, Verafin brings increased confidence to your financial crime management and compliance programs.

Join us for an overview of our Financial Crime Management platform, exclusively for institutions using IBT Apps i2Suite® and i2Core® platforms. In this special event, expert presenters will illustrate our proven integration with your core banking system and highlight key features of Verafin, such as effective solutions to combat fraud and money laundering, automation for BSA/AML compliance and management, risk-rated alerts enriched with data from your IBT Apps core, and much more.

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  •   BSA/AML Compliance
  •   Fraud
  •   Fraud Management
  •   High-Risk Customer Management