BSA/AML Compliance and Management

Uncover Suspicious Activity & Strengthen Compliance

Manual processes, siloed teams and rules-based legacy systems are exacerbating compliance challenges for many institutions across the financial industry. With mounting pressure from sophisticated financial crimes and changing regulatory requirements, managing daily compliance tasks and uncovering suspicious activity without an efficient and effective BSA/AML solution can result in strained compliance programs, increased operational costs, and exposure to potential money laundering risks.

Join our Product Expert, Corey Lynch in this insightful presentation on how Verafin strengthens BSA/AML compliance and management with a consolidated financial crime management approach including risk-rated targeted BSA/AML alerts and scenarios, High-Risk Customer Management and end-to-end Customer Due Diligence/Enhanced Due Diligence (CDD/EDD), and more. With targeted analytical agents, automated reporting and compliance functionality, smart evidence and visual investigation tools, Verafin is the industry’s leading Financial Crime Management solution.

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