Combating ACH Fraud: Realize A Step Change in Detection

Many financial institutions are challenged by ineffective ACH fraud detection, limited to their own data and with little insight into payee risk. At Verafin, our unique solution provides a step change in prevention and unites financial institutions to fight ACH fraud together. Download these webinar slides from our special presentation — exclusively for executives and […]


Turning the Tide of Payments Fraud:

To request a copy of the presentation slides, please complete and submit the above form. Once your request has been received, a Verafin representative will follow-up with directly with you.   Historically, the industry has relied on rules and behavioural analytics focused on the sender of a payment to be able to identify fraud. This […]


Verafin’s Consolidated Financial Crime Management Platform

Verafin is the industry’s leading Financial Crime Management platform, trusted by financial institutions using Aurora Core Solutions to strengthen compliance and combat evolving financial crimes. With efficient and effective automated solutions and nearly 20 years experience in the industry, Verafin brings increased confidence to your financial crime management and compliance programs. Download the slide deck […]