Understanding Fraud Schemes & Scams

A guide to common scenarios used by fraudsters to victimize your customers.

Now Updated for Q1 2024!

Fraud is constantly evolving. As the industry has implemented controls to protect against traditional first-party and account takeover fraud, fraudsters have adjusted their strategies to focus on your customers to help facilitate the attack. In the fight against fraud, it is critical to understand the key components of fraud scams, such as victimology, key indicators, and opportunities for mitigating risk.

This essential eBook, updated for Q1 2024 based on numerous industry sources and decades of experience in financial crime management, is designed to help you identify the characteristics of common fraud scams — from authorized push payment fraud, to elder and health scams.

Highlights include:

  • Fraud scam types and information about who is at risk
  • Details on the stages of each scam
  • Key indicators and insights to mitigate risk
  • A convenient one-page Quick Reference Guide to print and share with front-line staff
  •   Business Email Compromise
  •   COVID-19
  •   Elder Financial Abuse
  •   Fraud
  •   Fraud Scams
  •   Loan Fraud

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