Understanding Fraud Schemes & Scams

A guide to common scenarios used by fraudsters to victimize your customers.

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From siloed teams working independently to disparate monitoring and investigation systems focusing on fraud detection by transaction channel, many financial institutions continue to rely on conventional point solutions to combat today’s numerous fraud challenges. But with a limited view of customer activity and an overwhelming number of false positive alerts straining resources, fraudsters can evade detection and exploit your customers and your institution with a variety of schemes and scams.

This informative eBook provides an overview of the many fraud scams facing financial institutions today — from online loan and payday scams to Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Highlights include:

  • Fraud scam types and information about who is at risk
  • Details on the stages of each scam
  • Key indicators and insights to mitigate risk
  • A convenient one-page Quick Reference Guide to print and share with front-line staff

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