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Sanctions Screening ​& Management:

A Single, Consolidated Solution

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Originally Presented: October 6, 2023

Sanctions are growing increasingly complex, leading to greater regulatory scrutiny regarding the identification of high-risk entities. More than ever, a robust sanctions screening and management program is critical for financial institutions to maintain compliance and disrupt money laundering, terrorist financing, and other illicit activities.

Join us as we discuss the challenge of sanctions compliance for financial institutions. You will learn how a consolidated approach that combines segmented analytics, transaction monitoring, automated watch list updates and integrated case management can strengthen your compliance program — giving your institution added confidence for audits and examinations in these evolving times.

Highlights of this educational webinar include:

  • Exploring the challenges that financial institutions face adhering to current and evolving sanctions regimes.
  • Recognizing best practices to strengthen your compliance program for audits and examinations.
  • Discussing how a consolidated sanctions screening and management approach, based on rich data, can strengthen your compliance program.

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