Risky Online Banking Setup Agent

Online Account Takeover Detection

Confidence scams, like romance or job scams, are a growing ploy by fraudsters to establish trust with a victim with the end goal of obtaining personally identifiable information (PII) and eventually targeting the victim’s bank account. Fraudsters can use PII to set up online banking access, with or without the victim’s knowledge. This short video highlights Verafin’s targeted agent for Risky Online Banking Setup which detects when an existing customer is new to online banking and their online banking setup appears risky.

Verafin’s Risky Online Banking Setup agent features smart evidence including a visual map to illustrate the distance from home associated with the customer’s online banking session, as well as graphical representation of your customer’s unique digital fingerprint, allowing you to easily see that unusual online account access has taken place.

  •   Account Takeover
  •   Cybercrime
  •   Fraud
  •   Fraud Scams

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