Quarterly Cloud Insights Q2 2022

Wire Fraud Benchmarking Report

Fraudsters are uncompromising, often targeting seniors with cruel elder financial abuse tactics from romance and investment scams. Amid pandemic isolation measures, the rise of digital banking, and other exacerbating factors, seniors are facing an increased risk of falling victim to wire fraud scams — this trend is evident in our latest analysis of Verafin Cloud data, including high-value wire fraud attempts against elderly business owners.

Analyzing a massive consortium-based data set in the Cloud, representing $4T in collective assets from 2100 financial institutions, Verafin has gathered unparalleled insights into our industry-leading Quarterly Cloud Insights: Wire Fraud Benchmarking Report for Q2 2022. Learn about an alarming rise in wire fraud attempts against seniors, emerging trends for Massachusetts, Nevada and Washington, and more.

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