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Verafin helps a Midwestern State Bank Report Human Trafficking to Law Enforcement

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A Midwestern State Bank
Assets: Approx. $3.4B

“Partnering with Verafin has made a huge impact for us over the years. They take such great care in developing analytics and their use of beta testing with customers means these alerts are incredibly accurate. I know that when an alert fires — we need to pay attention.”

Human trafficking activity is a pervasive problem not limited to a specific geographic area or asset range. It can occur at any institution at any time, as one midwestern state bank discovered with the help of Verafin’s targeted analytics.

In this compelling case study, you will learn how Verafin is helping institutions make a difference in their communities, including helping this team provide actionable intelligence on human trafficking to law enforcement.

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  •   BSA/AML Compliance
  •   Elder Financial Abuse
  •   Human Trafficking
  •   Law Enforcement

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