FRAMLxchange Secure 314(b) Collaboration Network

This 5-minute video demonstrates collaboration tools available to any 314(b)-registered financial institution — regardless of your current fraud detection and AML system.

Learn how to streamline your collaboration processes in the FRAMLxchange Secure 314(b) Collaboration Network:

  • send, receive, and respond to requests for information with validated 314(b) contact;
  • log calls and add notes to your messages;
  • search the up-to-date 314(b) contact list — validated multiple times a day;
  • add team members, and assign collaborations;
  • get an overview of your information sharing workflow with the Collaboration Dashboard;
  • access reports on your all your incoming/outgoing requests, and more.
  •   314(b) Information Sharing
  •   Cloud Technology
  •   FRAMLx
  •   FRAMLxchange

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