Feature Sheet

Financial Crime Case Management

Verafin’s Financial Crime Management platform includes Fraud Detection, BSA/AML Compliance, High-Risk Customer Management and Secure 314(b) Information Sharing solutions. Our integrated Case Management functionality allows you to create a case directly from a suspicious activity event, attach applicable files, perform link analysis and fully document your investigation within one centralized tool.

  • Create, document, investigate and manage your suspicious activity case within one platform.
  • Link related cases or entities to uncover complex patterns of activity.
  • Attach relevant files and documents to an investigative case.
  • Share investigative data across the enterprise.
  • Create completed SARs, ready for direct overnight e-filing with FinCEN.
  • Collaborate with other 314(b)-registered institutions.

Learn how Verafin’s consolidated Financial Crime Management platform with integrated Case Management functionality enables institutions to improve investigations and facilitates communication and collaboration within an institution.

  •   Case Management

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