BSA/AML: A Visual Timeline

To recognize over 50 years of the Bank Security Act (BSA), Verafin has put together this handy infographic, charting the course of the cornerstone of regulatory compliance through a half-century of twists and turns.

Follow the path of the Act’s history and evolution, from its birth as the Foreign Bank Secrecy Act of 1970, through various updates and iterations. See at a glance how world events and changing regulatory requirements have forged the BSA we know today.

This timeline will guide you through the history of the BSA over seven key periods:

  1. The Early Years (1970-1988)
  2. The Era of Maturation (1990-1998)
  3. The Turning Point (2001-2005)
  4. The Age of Enforcement (2005-2015)
  5. Strengthening Compliance (2016-2019)
  6. Modernizing BSA/AML (2020)
  7. The Future (2021-today)
  •   BSA/AML Compliance
  •   Money Laundering

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