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How Big Data Can Help Banks Solve Big Fraud Problems

ACFE Webinar

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Originally Presented: March 22, 2018

In this insightful session, Mauriceo Castanheiro, Director of Fraud Analytics will discuss the changing landscape of fraud, and how financial institutions can leverage data to mitigate risk.

Mauriceo will discuss how fraudsters are innovating to avoid controls, and the role that cloud technology can play in proactive trend identification, detection of fraud schemes perpetrated through digital channels, reduction in false positive results, and uncovering multi-institutional crime ring activity.

This presentation will help you learn how to:

  • Identify and deploy solutions for emerging fraud trends by analyzing demographic, transactional and online data in a cloud environment.
  • Understand how fraud crime rings are inflicting losses across multiple institutions through real-life cases studies.
    Assess current approaches and fraud mitigation techniques for Deposit/Check Fraud, Card Fraud, Wire/ACH Fraud, Online Account Takeover, and Loan Fraud.
  • Adopt innovative cloud technology and cross-institutional evidence into your fraud prevention program to proactively detect and mitigate fraud losses and protect your customers.

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  •   Cloud Technology
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