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Best Practices for 314(b) Information Sharing

Effective Collaboration Processes to Enhance your BSA/AML Program

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Originally Presented: June 29, 2016


Brendan Brothers answers frequently asked questions about 314(b) information sharing, and outlines best practices for effective collaboration to enhance your BSA/AML compliance program.

Highlights of this educational webinar include:

  • Industry insights on collaboration and results of a recent 314(b) survey of nearly 1500 compliance professionals.
  • Overview of 314(b) information sharing processes including steps to participate, developing policies and procedures, and strengthening your collaboration processes.
  • Discussion on safe harbor protection including Specified Unlawful Activities (SUAs), frequently asked legal questions, and guidelines for what information you can share.
  • Key benefits of sharing information for your BSA/AML program and case studies from peer investigators using 314(b) collaboration today.
  • Detailed examples of effective collaborations, highlighting what to include in an initial request for information, steps for responding to requests, and how to track collaborations for auditing and reporting.


Brendan Brothers

Co-founder, Verafin

Brendan Brothers is a co-founder of Verafin, a leading provider of cloud-based fraud detection and anti-money laundering software with more than 1700 financial institution customers across North America.

Brendan is a computer engineer with specialized knowledge and deep expertise in advanced analytics.

He is widely recognized as an anti-financial crime subject matter expert and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and events. Brendan is also the principal presenter for Verafin’s thought leadership webinar series on emerging industry topics in the area of anti-money laundering and fraud detection.

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