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Artificial Intelligence: Enabling a Step Change in Fighting Financial Crime

Originally Presented: June 21, 2024

Globally, the financial industry is fighting a $3.1 trillion financial crime problem amid rising operational costs and evolving criminal activity. As pressure mounts, innovating with artificial intelligence (AI) is key for financial institutions to increase efficiency and enable a step change in fraud prevention and AML/CFT capabilities.

In this special event, industry experts Rob Norris, Nasdaq Verafin, and Ruben Falk, Generative AI and Machine Learning Lead, Financial Services, Amazon Web Services (AWS), discuss the power of AI in fighting financial crime. From expert systems to machine learning with big data, and automation with generative AI, this industry conversation explored use cases to help financial institutions refocus time and resources, enhance detection, improve investigations and more.

Nasdaq Verafin is an industry leader in financial crime management technology solutions with decades of deep domain expertise applying AI technology to fight financial crime.

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