Archived Webinar

Alacriti and Verafin Present Faster Payments

How to Prepare Your Fraud Management Program

Originally Presented: November 30, 2023

Faster payments rails are poised to grow exponentially over the next 5 years — providing new opportunities for financial institutions and their customers. However, as more customers adopt these payments methods, fraudsters will also adopt new and old methods to exploit these channels. Ensuring your fraud program is properly prepared is critical for scaling alongside the growth of these new rails.

In this session recording, Verafin and Alacriti discuss how to combine faster payments with existing financial institution fraud systems and what tools are needed to incorporate faster payments and fraud prevention.

In this session, industry experts:

  • Discuss insights into the current state of the faster payments market.
  • Examine trends in payments fraud, with valuable insights into APP fraud — Business Email Compromise (BEC), and elder scams, etc.
  • Uncover fraud typologies that may arise with the growth of faster payments.
  • Explore how financial institutions, and their fraud management programs, can prepare for the implementation of faster payments.
  •   Faster Payments Fraud
  •   FedNow Fraud
  •   Payments Fraud
  •   RTP Fraud

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