Advancing the Fight Against Business Email Compromise & Elder Financial Abuse with Consortium Analytics

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As criminal tactics evolve, financial institutions are struggling to keep pace. Scams such as Business Email Compromise (BEC) and elder financial abuse are costing Americans billions of dollars each year, yet a siloed stand-alone approach to financial crime detection remains the industry standard. Financial institutions need to adopt a new way forward that unites the industry against financial crime and provides a step change in detection through big data. Consortium analytics is that solution.

Download this webinar slide deck to review how Verafin’s consortium analytics provides that step change in fighting financial crime, with a special focus on BEC and elder financial abuse. Discover how consortium analytics use insights from over 420 million counterparty profiles to provide unprecedented insight into the complete picture of transactional risk to reduce false positive alerts and maintain customer convenience while effectively preventing loss from these damaging scams.

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